Kids Halloween Craft DIY: make a flower bulb into a mini monster head by drawing faces

Mini Monster Heads - Easy Kids Gift or Activity!

A fun and easy kid craft or child's Halloween Gift Idea!

What You Need:

  • Your favorite flower bulbs
  • Permanent markers
  • My free print out (10 color options to choose from)
  • Halloween treat bag or box, brown paper sack, etc

How To:

  • Use your markers to draw spooky and silly faces on each of the bulbs.
  • Feel free to remove some of the skin if you're having a difficult time drawing on the surface.


  • Place your bulbs in your bag of choice and staple on my free poem print out.
  • Plant bulbs in the desired location between September-December (be sure to follow the directions on the package)
  • If you are gifting these to a little one, it's best to provide their grown-up with the bulb package, so they know where and when to plant
  • Enjoy your flowers each year

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